"Good quality fish for a fair price,

bought and sold worldwide "

– Zeevishandel Mercuur

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Zeevishandel Mercuur B.V.

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Fresh seafood is always within reach

Zeevishandel Mercuur is based in IJmuiden, the heart of the seafish trade. Long before the sun comes up over the water, we secure the best fish, fillets and shellfish.

If you don't already know us, we cordially invite you to meet us.

Call us and hopefully we can be of service!

Zeevishandel Mercuur B.V.

Address: Mailing address: Contact:
Dokweg 22 PO Box 327 telephone +31 255 535 174
1976 CA IJmuiden 1970 AH IJmuiden
The Netherlands The Netherlands e-mail mercuur@mrvis.nl